Reverb Nation Introducing…

Posted by vibrations on 17-05-15

Through March and April, over 2,000 artists submitted their music to Vibrations via Reverb Nation and the standout track, featured above, was definitely ‘Honeybee’ by Vulpes Vulpes, from Stoke-on-Trent. It has a certain Animal Collective charm; bedroom recording meets a psychedelic blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, that is enticingly hypnotic. elsewhere on the web

Arriving like a comic book bad guy, The Infinite Three blast out echoing spaghetti-western guitar, fuzz grinding bass and a tom-heavy beat in ‘Sharpy’. A band that will surely have an incredible intensity live. elsewhere on the web

‘When The Needle Drops’ by Liverpool’s Kids On Bridges harks back to the times when CSS were a big name. Disco beats and a penchant for early noughties production, put into an indie band format and you get a fun dance hit. elsewhere on the web

Retrospective For Love are a London 7-piece who have some serious strength as a band. The soulful sound of ‘Read Into You’ has a slightly swung hip-hop beat, wondering jazz bass-lines, subtle brass, an incredibly catchy vocal hook and a perfectly placed lo-fi element that captures the sound that is only identifiable with late-80s/90s, American hip-hop. elsewhere on the web

Both ‘Catch 22’ by Casey Leigh and ‘And I’m Trying’ by Tina V are unashamed pop hits. Verses as catchy as their choruses. Melodies that lead to that big stand-up and sing moment with all the trimmings. The hand-clap snare, addictive percussive elements and backing vocals of ‘Catch 22’ are undeniably pleasing. Casey on the web / Tina on the web

The Novatones are clearly fans of The Enemy with their track ‘Avenue Road’ acting as an anthem for the down trodden. The lyric ‘Im battered and beaten and tired and bruised’ is sung with a persevering mentality that aims to inspire. If football-rock was a genre, this would sit sit high at the top. elsewhere on the web

‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ by The Penguin Party is a confusing one. Starting with a chaotic Born Under Punches style punk guitar intro before moving into a song reminiscent of James. Pleasant melodies and a solid song but it would be great if the sound of the song’s intro featured throughout. elsewhere on the web

Aquilina displays haunting greatness in the song ‘Novena’. Dark chords, some excellent upright-bass and eery violin that is riddled with tape delay help to create a truly intoxicating song. elsewhere on the web

Phase, a Greek band that have relocated to Newcastle, use heavy industrial beats with a rock sensibility to great effect. Their song ‘Point of You (Mental Mix)’ is menacing as the band perform it with growl-in-the-throat aggression. Rhythmically strong throughout the breakbeat middle-8 adds to the band’s originality. elsewhere on the web

Finally we have Rob Reynolds, resident of Harrogate, with ‘Wishing Well’; Telecaster twang and an Americana, route-66 groove. Solid melodies and a faultless vocal are all present in the pop veteran’s songwriting, having supported the likes of Midge Ure in the past, it is clear why. elsewhere on the web

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