360 Club: Marsicans/Masses/Kamara/Trashed @ The Library, Leeds

Posted by vibrations on 21-02-15

Gosh, is that... Every sound from the last 30 years? Chesterfield's Trash are loading in with some Smiths-y chorus-soaked guitar jangle, before bouncing into a more Blink-esque feel and a couple of tasty passing chords. Their songs take the best of a whole range of influences and tie them together into some neatly packaged song-nuggets. The result is pleasantly captivating and though the glazed eyes betray a sense of introversion, their vocal harmonies are assured and worthy.

Kamara. My word. By this point the crowd is showing signs of heaving and personally, I'm glad they're here to hear this. The sound is humongous, starting from simple guitar and slackadaisical vocals á la the now defunct Cats and Cats and Cats into some wonderful backing-tracksmanship adorned with warm and cinematic sounds. And then there's the drums, simple and sodding loud. Bass: Piercing and funky when it suits them. Then they start rocking the fuck out and suddenly even 3 guitars doesn't quite seem enough. I am very happy to be listening to this. Expect big things.

Carrying on the theme of massive sounding rock music is the appropriately named Masses. Ostensibly, they're a band in the Oasis vain but with oppressive four-part vocals and more than a touch of Industrial/Trip-Hop influence. With a frontman that looks more than comfortable and a surplus of facial barnacles, for the first time in my life I almost feel like one of the lads. Then it all goes a bit 'Phoenix Nights' with an ill-advised prize giveaway from exciteable guitarist #2. Within a few minutes we're back into the set and it's a slinky, worming number to start with, building nicely to a suitably grungy chorus. Comparisons with the likes of Kasabian are sort of inevitable but I think there's plenty to like about Masses in their own right. Obviously experienced and conduct themselves like pros throughout the set. Well, during the songs anyway.

Marsicans look very young. Indeed, their last attempt at a 360 slot was scuppered by them being literally too young to play. They sound young too. Well, youthful. They are very much a product of the previous decade - flashes of Vampire Weekend and Maxïmo Park can be glimpsed among a set of balls-out drumbeats, severe bass and pirhouetting, spangly guitar lines. Their confidence and energy is exceptional and the ample crowd are more than appreciative as their disco beats and top-drawer, barked-out harmonies ring out. Dress-wise they've really thrown themselves into the '80. Unlike most of the 80s, it's also disgustingly fun as their droned-out, four-part harmony snippet of Hall and Oates' classic 'You Make My Dreams Come True' succinctly proves. If it weren't so fun I might be doing my usual bit about how it's not that original but music as a whole seems absolutely nowhere, directionally, so I'm going to take a holiday from the stick up my arse to pronounce this bloody excellent.

Tim Hearson


360 Club runs every Friday at The Library.




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